Best Hiking Trips in Vancouver

Best Hiking Trips in Vancouver, Ascent Car Rental

If you’re a Vancouverite, you can’t help but be an outdoor kind of person. There are lush fields surrounding the city that’s speckled with beautiful gardens, beautiful sandy beaches to enjoy, and stunning hills all around. It’s no wonder that Vancouver is amongst the most liveable cities in Canada!

While you’ll see many a cyclist all over town, or quite a few swimmers enjoying the ocean, hiking is perhaps one of the most sought after activities in Vancouver. There are a number of great hikes all around – from those just a short distance from downtown, or further off if you have more time to wander around. 

Here’s some of our top picks for hikes you don’t want to miss.

  1. Panorama Ridge and Garibaldi Lake:

The name might give you a good idea what to expect, but you can hardly imagine how stunning the view is until you get there. Easily amongst the most scenic sights that cover Black Tusk, Garibaldi Lake and Helm Lake, this hike is a day’s work but completely worth it. A 30 km hike there and back can get a bit much for inexperienced hikers. So, there’s a great option to camp for a night at the Garibaldi Lake before you continue to the ridge itself.

Getting There: Take the Sea to Sky Highway (Highway 99), stop over at Brandywine Falls for a quick stretch. Rubble Creek parking lot is as far as you can go, and then on foot to the Garibaldi Lake camping grounds, about an hour and a half away.

  1. St. Marks Summit

Want to feel like you’ve conquered the clouds themselves? Then this is the trail for you! 

This trail starts off fairly easy, but halfway through is when it really starts cooking. You’ll pass stunning granite outcroppings that hang right over the ocean, so keep that camera handy. On a clear sunny day, the summit offers unparalleled views of Howe Sound and the Tantalus Range. A 11 km roundtrip hike, this is the perfect hike for you if you’ve got 5-6 hours to spare.

Getting There: Head down Highway #1, take the exit #8 on to Cypress Bowl Road. You’ll then get to Cypress Mountain Parking lot, park your car without a worry, and your hike begins.

  1. Heather Trail to Three Brothers

This one is a bit of a drive from Vancouver, but well worth it. Located in Manning Park with its stunning scenery and alpine flowers, the hike is an enjoyable walk through many meadows and eventually up the Three Brothers Mountain. Save your energy as you start the ascent, the last bit does get challenging. The good news is that there are breathtaking views all along the hike, so there are plenty of places for a scenic sandwich if you aren’t particularly bothered about making it all the way to the top.

Getting There: A great drive up the Highway #1 towards Manning Park, then turn off on to Highway #3. Look out for Blackwall Peak Road that gets you to the parking lot, located at a great 1950 meters above sea level already. Here is where your hike begins!

  1. Elk Mountain

A very popular hike amongst the Chilliwack locals and in the Fraser Valley, the Elk Mountain hike starts off as an easy climb on a trail surrounded by alpine forests.  As you ascend, the forest gives way Sitka Mountain Ash and even wild strawberries. While the last leg can get challenging, views will inspire you to keep going. This hike in summers has the added fascination of being amidst the blooming alpine flowers – a great excuse to stop and catch your breath.

Getting There: Head east from Vancouver in the direction of Chilliwack, a pleasant 1.5-hour drive to Elk View Road.

  1. Joffre Lakes

Well known for its breathtaking turquoise waters, the hike up to Joffre Lakes is moderately challenging, but extremely rewarding. But here’s the treat, you get not one, but views to three stunning lakes on the hike. Lower Joffre Lake, the first one is only a few 100 meters into the hike, while Middle Joffre Lake is about an hour away, a perfect spot for a snack break. Pass a beautiful waterfall along the way, and you’ll reach the third lake – Upper Joffre Lake and beyond it the unexpected views of the Matier Glacier.

Getting There: The trailhead is about a 2.5-hour drive from Vancouver. Head down Highway #99 east of Pemberton and then on to the Duffey Lake Road. There is ample parking available.

With the weather turning warmer, it’s time to bring those hiking boots out of hiding and get onto the trails. Ascent Car Rentals has the right cars to get you to your favourite trails. Prefer mountain biking to hiking? No problem. Simply ask for a bike rack with your rental. 

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