Car Rental Winter Tires

If you are planning a winter vacation or trip, it is important that you prep for the weather. While Canada can turn into a winter wonderland, the colder temperatures and frosty, snowy, or icy conditions are more enjoyable with winter tires on your car.

Winter driving conditions in BC

Severe winter conditions are no joke and have been the cause of many road accidents. That is why when looking for rental cars in BC, it is important to ensure the vehicle is equipped for the highways and roads you will be driving on.

A cold winter means ice

While parts of BC, such as Vancouver, traditionally do not get a lot of snow, that does not mean that the roads are dry and easy to drive on. Frozen mud, slush, sleet, and black ice can impact driving conditions and can impact the vehicle’s ability to slow or stop.

Snow tires versus winter tires

Snow tires and winter tires are the same things. All-season tires are different and are specifically designed to be good for all seasons. In terms of safety, many people prefer winter tires during the colder months due to the risks black ice can cause.

Think of the location of your destination

While BC does not require winter tires within most cities, there are routes where winter tires or chains are needed. If you are wanting to drive up one of BC’s many incredible mountains, then having proper winter tires and suitable gear is needed in order to be safe.

Drive safe with Ascent Car Rental

Ascent Car Rental has a selection of winter-ready vehicles, complete with winter tires. If you are planning on going to snowy mountains or up north, we have winter-ready rental vehicles available, primarily SUVs with all-wheel drive.

Please contact us for availability and to reserve your luxury rental vehicle.