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Vancouver is a beautiful city, and nothing feels more refreshing than to explore it on two wheels. So, with e-bikes, you can effortlessly explore Vancouver.

Get ready to feel the wind in your hair as you tour around the city without dropping a sweat, all thanks to e-bikes. They have made cycling quite effortless and become widely popular among tourists. If you’re looking for a little adventure and exploring the untouched gems of exquisite Vancouver city, renting e-bikes can be your best option. 

But, looking for affordable and reliable e-bike rentals in a new city can be quite confusing. That’s why we at Ascent Car Rental And Tours offer you easy and cheap e-bike rental options that can enhance your travel experience. If you’re planning to tour around Vancouver, our e-bike rental service is there to help you out.

So, read on to know more about our e-bike rental services!


If you’re not aware of e-bikes, we’re here to tell you all about them. An e-bike or electric bike is almost like a normal bicycle, but it comes with an electric motor that operates on batteries to boost the cycling experience. 

The electric motor allows you to spend less energy on riding an e-bike. You need to kickstart the motor through pedalling just like regular bikes, but the motor makes the entire cycling process much easier. Hence, riding an e-bike is not as tiring as standard bikes. 

Not only that, but the motor also helps the e-bike go faster than regular bicycles. At Ascent Car Rental, we offer you similar pedal-assist e-bikes to put in some exercise while touring the city on a bike. It’s fun and effortless and allows you to stay fit even when travelling. And even if you don’t feel like peddling no worries either, our bikes have enough battery power to go all day.


E-bikes can be the best travel buddy if you love cycling but don’t want to waste all your energy and work up a sweat while touring a city or riding up hills. Moreover, if you have a weak knee, e-bikes can be a great alternative for carrying heavy objects without causing any physical weakness. Hence, cycling has become a piece of cake with e-bikes. 

Furthermore, if you choose to rent an e-bike in Vancouver, you can go on beautiful self-guided e-bike tours and cruise around the city without any hassle. You can enjoy city life to the fullest as you cycle around the city. Moreover, sightseeing can become much more enjoyable than tiring on e-bikes.

Also, if you’re a regular cyclist, you don’t have to worry about riding an e-bike. Once you’re aware of the electronic systems of the bike, it’s pretty straightforward. So, with these electric bikes, you can experience the fun of cycling without a sweat.


  1. Drop by our location at Pan Pacific Hotel and choose from our on-site selection, or Save 5% by booking online (by noon the day before)
  2. Fill out a brief form at our desk and provide a credit card & photo ID. Our agents will be more than happy to help you with this process.
  3. When the paperwork is done, sit and paddle away to your adventure. If you need any tips for must see Vancouver sights, our friendly staff will be glad to give you recommendations and point you in the right direction.
  4. When you’re done exploring the city, simply return to our location and checkout.



A cross-platform step through e-bike built on 26” wheels that inspires fun and confidence with every pedal stroke. The Berri is ideal for riders of smaller stature or those looking for a nimbler road behaviour.
ERGOFIT Multi Adjustable – accommodates rider from 4’8” to 6’

DISCOVERY – BERRI, E-Bike Rental Vancouver, Ascent Car Rental


A cross-platform e-bike with sloping top tube built on 28” wheels that inspires fun and confidence with every pedal stroke.

ERGOFIT Multi Adjustable – accommodates rider from 5’ to 6’2”

DISCOVERY-BONAVENTURE, E-Bike Rental Vancouver, Ascent Car Rental


A cross-platform step through e-bike built on 28” wheels that inspires fun and confidence with every pedal stroke.

ERGOFIT Multi Adjustable – accommodates rider from 5’ to 6’2”

DISCOVERY – ATWATER, E-Bike Rental Vancouver, Ascent Car Rental


All bike rentals include complimentary helmet and lock. We do offer child seats for an extra fee.


* Valid ID & Credit Card required for all rentals
2-hour minimum on all rentals
Rates calculated every 15 minutes after the first hour


E-Bike Rentals Vancouver, Ascent Car Rentals



2 hours $49
Half a day (up to 5 hours) $69
Full day (until closing time) $89
24 hours (overnight) $98


2 days: $120
Each day after: $38
1 week: $299
Each week after: $100

*All prices are without tax


When you’re out there touring Vancouver on a rented e-bike, you need to follow the recent regulations to avoid accidents and injuries. So, we’re here to discuss some e-biking tips to enhance your cycling experience in the city. 

1. Put On Your Helmet

According to British Columbia law, you must wear your helmet at all times while riding an e-bike. Wearing a helmet can help you avoid injuries and accidents while you’re riding around Vancouver on a rented e-bike. 

Also, you need to be over 16 years to ride an e-bike. So, naturally, if you want to book an e-bike in Vancouver, you’ll have to provide ID proof at the bike rentals. 

2. Follow The Traffic Rules

When you’re on the road riding an e-bike, you have to follow the traffic laws. You must abide by the traffic rules to avoid serious accidents or penalties. 

Moreover, always ride on the road or stick to the designated bike path because you’re not allowed to ride bikes on the sidewalk in Vancouver. Thus, it’s better to make sure that your e-bike city rides do not become a nuisance for pedestrians.

3. Watch Your Speed Limit

Watch the speed limiter while riding through the city on your e-bike because areas and roads might have different speed limits. For instance, the Stanley Park seawall has a speed limit of 15 kilometres per hour. So, it’s always best to monitor the speed limit to avoid breaking any traffic rules. 

4. Carefully Mount And Dismount

An e-bike is heavier than a normal bicycle because of the electric motor and battery attached to it. Thus, you have to be extra careful while mounting and dismounting the bike; otherwise, you might end up getting a nasty injury. It can also fall over more easily than a regular bike because it’s heavier, so always use the kickstand to avoid tipping over the e-bike.

5. Do Some Research

When you’re touring through Vancouver on an e-bike, it’s best to research to get an idea of where you can go on the bike. For instance, if you want to ride your bike on some trails, make sure that riding an e-bike is allowed in that area because not all parks allow e-bikes. Hence, do some research before planning your bike tour around Vancouver. 


Vancouver has a rich history and offers some exquisite views and locations. As one of the leading bike rentals in Vancouver, if you want to explore Vancouver on your own, a self-guided tour on e-bikes can be the best solution.

You can have some fun with your friends while riding through Stanley Park or explore the Olympic Village and Yaletown. Not only that, but you can enjoy the city’s nightlife, historic Gastown or see the city’s lights from English Bay.

You can also enjoy some delicious local cuisines on your bike ride through English Bay. So, explore the culture, history, food, and lifestyle of Vancouver by renting one of our e-bikes today. 


Over the past few years, e-bikes have made travelling more fun and exciting. You don’t need to book expensive cars or wait for public transport to explore a city. Just hop on your e-bike and ride away. Vancouver is one of the best cities to tour on e-bikes, and we at Ascent Car Rental can offer you reliable and affordable bike rental services. So, if you’re visiting the city, don’t hesitate to call us.  You can visit our official website and contact us directly to ask about the e-bikes we rent. Look through the e-bike models we offer for rent and choose any bike, depending on your preference.