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Escape the Cold: Drive Down to California

Escape the Cold: Drive Down to California, Ascent Car Rental

The festive season is right around the corner, and so is the cold weather that comes with it!  Amongst the many things that one could plan, a drive down to a warmer place might just be on the top of our list! What better way to escape the cold and drive down through the scenic route to sunny California!

The 1000+ mile drive has some superb stops and places to visit and is a breath-taking drive all the way! Here are some reasons to do the trip, along with some noteworthy must dos!

A straight route without any stops from Vancouver to Los Angeles is 1390 miles (2238 kms) and takes roughly 23 hours to drive. We’d recommend breaking the trip up to make it more relaxed and to enjoy some great stopovers while you are at it. Here are our recommendations in the order that you’d pass by.

The Pretty Sights of Portland, Oregon

An easy six-hour drive from Vancouver, Portland makes for a great overnight halt. Nestled between the Columbia Willamette and Columbia rivers, the ‘Rose City’ is a great mix of eclectic parks and bridges, local shops, breweries, art shops and the must visit International Rose Test Garden. This thriving music, theater and art scene of this city is bound to get your holiday off to the right start.

Medford and Crater Lake

About 270 miles from Portland is Medford, a stunning little city surrounded by gorgeous mountains and National Forests. There are a huge number of trails and hikes that you can enjoy in and around Medford, as well as a relaxed cruise down the Rogue River.

If you have the time, a day trip you might not want to miss out on is the Crater Lake, for some stunning panoramic views and incredible sunsets. Located in the Crater Lake National Park, the lake is famous for its deep blue waters and happens to be the deepest lake in the U.S.

Naturally Napa

Around 330 miles away from Medford is Napa, in the heart of the Napa Wine Valley region.

You can’t not go wine tasting when you’re bang in the middle of wine country at some of the finest vineyards while downtown Napa is worth a visit for its architecture. Simply walking around the gorgeous buildings from late 1800’s to early 1900s, shops and restaurants on a river facing promenade, and various art shops is a day well spent. You will find much more to do in and around Napa itself including hot air balloon rides, wildlife tours, hiking trails, and wellness spas.

Stunning Sights of San Francisco 

Just over 50 miles from Napa is San Francisco – one of the most iconic and vibrant cities in the world. San Francisco is full of things to do, and you’ll never find time to spare. This city is home to the world-famous Golden Gate Bridge – an attraction you cannot miss. it offers breathtaking views of the city and the sunset, and on a clear day you could also spot the baffling Alcatraz Island in the bay. 

The city has trams that scoot around the city, so board one and visit the Pier 39 shopping center, enjoy various sea food all around the city, and head out to Lombard Street-a Street you’ve seen in many car chases in films. 

If you have the time, we’d recommend you check out some incredible music performances that happen at the S.F. Jazz center.

Los Angeles

The famous film city, home to Hollywood – the entertainment capital of the world has more than just the Walk of Fame to look forward to. Los Angeles is home to some superb beaches – Santa Monica, Venice and various others that will have you enjoy the sun and sea in the day and a cool drink at a fancy restaurant at night.

A drive around Rodeo Drive and Beverly Hills will have you gaping at some of the richest homes in the U.S.  and keep your eyes open – you might just see some of your favorite film stars walking around.

L.A. is a paradise for music lovers, with various world-famous venues hosting artists from around the globe. We’d recommend you look up the famous Hollywood Bowl and try to catch a great performance there.

Treat yourself to a lovely vacation and escape the cold this winter. If you fancy a shorter road trip, check out our recommendations for Five Winter Road Trips from Vancouver.

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