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Perks of Renting a Passenger Van

Perks of Renting a Passenger Van, Ascent Car Rental, Vancouver BC

Perks of Renting a Passenger Van

Going on holiday with a large group of friends or family can be a lot of fun. Travelling to your destination and back (and all your planned activities) can turn in to a logistical nightmare. Even an easy road trip to Harrison Springs can get tough when you have to coordinate with multiple vehicles and their drivers. A passenger van can be one of the most convenient options when you’re looking to travel on the road with a sizeable group. Read on to learn about the various benefits passenger vans have to offer while travelling with a group.

  1. Experience the Joys of Travelling Together

The whole point of a group excursion is spending time together through the trip. Whether it’s playing ‘I Spy’ with your little co-passengers or just exchanging ‘Remember when…’ stories. If you’re travelling in a group of seven or more, chances are you’ll need more than one vehicle. A passenger van takes care of that as you can fit up to 15 people in one.

  1. Spaciousness

If you plan on using multiple cars, you need to decide whose cars you will take considering leg room offered, space for luggage, not to mention the interminable fights over who will be relegated to the middle seats. Passenger vans eliminate those problems as they afford a decent amount of leg room for even your taller guests and plenty of space for everyone’s luggage, holiday shopping and ice boxes too. Higher roofs also make it easier for people to move around during a long road trip.

  1. Easy Coordination

One of the best bits of a road trip is stopping at a scenic spot to take in the views and have a snack. Being in a passenger van makes it infinitely easier to coordinate stops without cars having to double back or wait around for stragglers. Having a passenger van at your disposal also means that everyone is present at the various attractions you want to visit at the same time.

  1. Shared Driving Responsibilities

Long road trips can get tedious, especially if there is just one driver per car. Passenger vans let you share driving responsibilities, so everyone gets to kick back and enjoy parts of the road trip. Splitting time on the driver’s seat also means that the drive is safer as there’s a fresh pair of eyes taking over every so often.

  1. Save on Gas

One passenger van will typically use less gas than multiple vehicles on a road trip. This makes it a great option, especially if you’re on a budget. It also makes splitting gas costs a lot easier within the group. Since you’re all travelling together, it makes splitting other costs like tolls easier too.

  1. Protects Your Personal Car

Long road trips can take a toll on your personal vehicle by racking up your mileage and wearing out your engine. A passenger van eliminates the need to use your own car saving it wear and tear.

  1. Reduces Stress

Renting a passenger van means that you don’t have worry about maintenance and tune-ups before your road trip. If cleaning your own car isn’t one of your favourite things, a passenger van lets you skip over the part where you start wondering about what happened to that coffee cup that rolled under the passenger seat months ago. Van rentals take care of all the tune-ups, maintenance, and cleaning before you pick up your vehicle. It’s easy to rent a van online too, which means you’re ready for a road trip with a few clicks of a button.

Rent a Passenger Van with Ascent Car Rental

Ascent Car Rental makes it easy to plan a road trip with a large group, whether you’re planning a trip with family, friends, or even a corporate outing. Some of the vehicles we have to offer include the Chevy Suburban, which seats 7/8 people in luxurious spaciousness, the Subaru Ascent – perfect for a family of up to eight, the 2023 Kia Carnival that has plenty of room for passengers and their luggage, and the Ford Transit that comfortably seats 15 passengers with removable seats for extra luggage storage.

Get in touch with us to check for the availability of our rental passenger van, or to enquire about passenger van rental opportunities.  We are always here to help with your car rentals and passenger van rental needs. You can also reserve a passenger van online here.

Have a great trip!


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