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Plan A Road Trip Along the Oregon Coast

Plan A Road Trip Along the Oregon Coast, Ascent Car Rental

If you’re thinking of going on a long road trip, what could be better than a drive along a scenic coastline with the smell of the sea and sunshine all the way? The drive along the Oregon Coast means you get to spend your time on the 363-mile-long Pacific Coast Scenic Byway. Whether you’re on a romantic getaway for two, travelling with kids, or on a long journey to find yourself, there are plenty of things to do along the way. Pick and choose your favourites from the list below and have a wonderful vacation.


Portland is the first stop. Getting to Portland from Vancouver is about a five-hour drive. Spend time walking around its quiet neighbourhoods, eat some great food or spend some time away from the city life in its tranquil Japanese Garden.

Astoria and Seaside

Less than two hours from Portland is Astoria with its historical district and famous Columbia Riverwalk. Lovers of maritime history should check out the Columbia River Maritime Museum and visit the Peter Iredale Shipwreck at the Fort Stevens State Park. Film buffs are sure to recognize Astoria as the location for movies like the Goonies.

Half an hour away from Astoria is Seaside, which like it’s name suggests offers plenty of Coney Island style fun for the entire family. Don’t forget to catch sight of the famous Tillamook Head Lighthouse situated 1.2 miles offshore. You can also go on whale watching trips in spring and fall and spot grey whales with occasional minke whales, orcas and blue whales from Garibaldi.

The Three Capes

Cape Meares, Cape Lookout, and Cape Kiwanda can be done in a day. But with the diverse attractions they offer, you’ll want to spend a night or to.

Unlike the Tillamook Head Lighthouse, Cape Meares has a lighthouse you can visit. It’s impressive if you haven’t been to one before and still impressive if you have. Kids love it! For hiking and camping, Cape Lookout is the place for you with Cape Lookout State Park offering spaces for tents and RVs along with cozy cabins. Cape Kiwanda offers unique views of buff-colored sandstone. It’s a sight to see at sunrise.

The Central Oregon Road Trip

This stretch of the highway has cities, hikes, and white sandy beaches. There are plenty of places to stop along the route that goes from Lincoln City to Florence with restaurants offering amazing local seafood. 

Eating fresh local seafood is definitely a big part of the appeal for Lincoln City as ae its gorgeous coastal landscapes. Continuing the lighthouse theme, the Yaquina Head in Newport (about 25 miles from Lincoln City) has  the tallest lighthouse on the Oregon Coast. If you happen to be there in February, you can’t miss the annual Seafood Fest.

The drive to Florence is just beautiful with stunning rock formations and breathtaking views. The town itself is quaint and full of old-world charm.

The Southern Oregon Coast Trip

The southern part of the highway is quieter and less touristy than the road taken so far. A lot of the road here is inland but there are some epic beaches to stop at along the way. Sunset Bay is a great bay with tide pools. Other places to explore include Bandon and Gold Beach which is close to the Californian border.

Driving down the Oregon Coast allows you to experience it in a way a flight never will. The changing landscape and the sea breeze is sure to make you plan a road trip here again to explore the coast even more. 

Conditions of entry into the United States from Canada

When driving across the Canadian border to the United States, everyone in the vehicle must have certain documents:

  • Valid driver’s license for the driver(s) of the vehicle
  • Vehicle registration/proof of rental/insurance
  • Valid passports
  • Ensure you have all rental paperwork organized. Custom agents always look out for people who import vehicles without paying taxes.


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