Rent a Passenger Van with Ascent Car Rental

Passenger Van, Ascent Car Rental

Good van rental news for large groups travelling together; Ascent Car Rental now has a 15-seat passenger van rental and a full-size SUV van rental, Chevy Suburban, which seats 7/8 people. Perfect for family reunions, friend reunions, and large groups, larger vehicles offer comfort and convenience.

Travelling with a group is made easier with a rental passenger van

If you are going on a road trip with a large group or travelling to a specific city, airport, or other location, having everyone in one vehicle is beneficial for many reasons.

Share the driving responsibility

Taking breaks to enjoy the scenery and company is highly recommended when driving long distances. Having a car with a regular rotation of drivers means everyone can take breaks and drive the carve with fresh eyes. Meaning that your car, passengers, and journey will be safer.

Easy to plan and coordinate

Visiting family or exploring a new city with a large group is easier when everyone is together. Having everyone on your trip in one van and not having to manage and keep track of multiple rental car rentals can make travel to airports and cities handled in large groups on trips easier.

Have plenty of space for bags, luggage, and legs

Having a passenger van rental means there is storage space for your bags and everyone’s bags. Pack everything you need, and don’t stress having space for shopping bags. Your bags aren’t the only items that will have space. Passenger van rentals have plenty of legroom for everyone.

Passenger van rental vs car rentals

No one has to cram themselves in the middle seat in a rental passenger van. If you travel with more than 4 people, standard car rentals may not be comfortable for all passengers, especially on a longer road trip. If planning your next trip, consider seating capacity and comfort for all travellers.

Make your rental passenger van reservation today with Ascent Car Rental

To check for the availability of our rental passenger van, or to enquire about passenger van rental opportunities, contact us! We will gladly assist with your car rentals and passenger van rental needs.

Passenger Van, Ascent Car Rental