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Road Trip Essentials

Road Trip Essentials, Ascent Car Rental

Road Trip Essentials

Whether you have planned every single detail from A to B, or have an unplanned, long wander, letting the roads decide where it might want to take you in mind – a road trip is always exciting! Either way, making sure you have everything you need for the journey can prevent disappointments along the way. Read on for some road trip essentials to accelerate the fun!


One of the most integral parts of a road trip is music to cruise along to. Deciding what to listen to can take up half your time. Luckily, streaming platforms allow you to preplan your listening experience. So, go ahead and pre-add some playlists on Spotify before time or make one yourself, with your favourite tracks and much more. All the cars in our fleet have android auto and apple car play to help you enjoy your favourite tunes.

Navigation Systems

While you let the drive take you where it will, you don’t want to get lost. Having a good navigation app track you to show you the nearest town is a necessity. This will also help with nearby fuel stations, eateries, waterfalls, and so much more. But hey! Hands on the wheel! Apart from android auto and apple car play, we also offer Garmin navigation devices for a small fee.

Charging strips and power banks

Your phone is bound to die out with your GPS running all the time and streaming music via Bluetooth. Make sure you carry the right charging attachment to have the plugged into – in the car and when you are sightseeing from a fabulous spot!

Bluetooth Speaker

Let’s get off the road for a minute. A sandwich in a scenic place is an essential part of a road trip done right. Carry a portable Bluetooth speaker if the urge to play some serene flute music hits you when you take a halt. Just make sure that you keep your volumes low and are respectful of nature and other travellers. 

Snacks and Refreshments

Speaking of sandwiches, the open road can really get those hunger pangs going. Biscuits and health bars are great snacks to have handy. They’re not messy to eat and help keep the car clean too. Stock up on some fruit juices to stay hydrated and healthy. Keep bottles of water ready for all passengers in the cup/ bottle holders at each door.

Medical Kit

Hopefully, you don’t need it during your trip, but a well stocked medicine kit is quintessential. Make sure it is complete with disinfectant, some bandages and cotton along with medicines for headaches, queasiness, stomach upsets, and acidity. Multivitamin can all keep your vitals strong.

Clothes and Shoes

Keep a small bag with a quick change of clothes handy in case you get caught in a downpour while enjoying your sandwich. You can add a few light towels, a spare set of footwear and some clean socks to the same bag.

Small Items that Make a Big Difference:

Finally, here are some small items that are keep your road trip comfortable – sunglasses, sanitizers, air freshener, travel pillow, wet wipes/ face tissues, dry hand tissues, garbage and maybe some small headlamps.

Ascent Car Rentals have the right car for you no matter what – from smaller hatchbacks to luxury sedans, SUVs, and off roaders!  Whether you need rack hitches or snow tires, get in touch with us to ask us about what we offer and to book the perfect car for your upcoming trip.

Let us help you pack some essentials, set a great itinerary, and wish you bon voyage.


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