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Vancouver Island Road Trips

Vancouver Island Road Trips, Ascent Car Rental

Vancouver Island offers a diverse range of sights, attractions and activities. Making it an excellent destination for road trips. Vancouver Island offers something for everyone with natural sights, vibrant cities, and quirky small towns. 

With so much to see and do, it’s hard to know where to start. Read on to discover just a few cities and towns to check out next time you’re craving adventure and island life. 


Of course, no list of cities and towns on The Island is complete without the province’s capital. Located on the southern tip of Vancouver Island, Victoria is home to a dynamic, thriving social scene with a blooming arts and culture community. Victoria serves as the Greater Victoria region’s metropolitan centre and the Capital City of British Columbia. 

With over 2,100 hours of sunshine each year, Victoria is attractive to many for vacations and as a home due to its milder climate than the mainland. Victoria’s unique amalgamation of heritage buildings and charm, natural scenic backdrops, and modern city-scapes. 


Over on the western edge of Vancouver Island sits the small coastal village of Tofino. A roughly 3-hour drive from Nanaimo, Tofino is home to incredible beaches and is a popular destination for surfers. Filled with nature walks and trails, lush west coast rainforests and relaxing, coastal beach town vibes, Tofino is a beautiful spot year-round for nature lovers. 


Much like the city’s famous dessert, the  Nanaimo Bar, the city of Nanaimo has layers. The bustling city, industry town, and tourist destination, Nanaimo, is easily accessible from the mainland by BC Ferry from English Bay in West Vancouver. 

Located on the eastern side of the Island, Nanaimo has a vibrant history. Home to over 100,000, the city of Nanaimo is a bustling industry town. Initially coal, mill, or timber town, today Naniamo’s leading sectors are technology, construction and health care. 

Comox, BC

Located in the stunning Comox Valley, Comox is an oceanside community with a vibrant marina, downtown centre, and lush parks, greenways, and beaches. Comox has many culinary delights with a moderate climate, as it is located in the centre of thriving agricultural and seafood regions. 

Comox is a popular tourist destination and place to call home because of its high quality of life. Due to its central location, Comox is an ideal home base for outdoor enthusiasts engaged in the many land and sea activities available to residents and visitors. 

Port Hardy

Humans have been calling the region where Port Hardy exists today home since 5850 BCE, making it the oldest known site of human habitation on Vancouver Island. Port Hardy today is a crossroads for the air, ferry, and marine transportation networks. It is the gateway for the Central Coast, the Cape Scott and North Coast Trails, BC Ferries’s northern terminus for the Discovery Coast run, and Prince Rupert. 

Rich in natural resources, Port Hardy is right on the edge of authentic, unspoiled natural land. The perfect place for connecting with nature, Port Hardy is in the north, as you can drive on Vancouver Island. 

Ready for your next adventure?

Vancouver Island is rich in culture and brimming with life. With so much to see, you’ll want to come back again and again. 

If you don’t have time for a road trip, Ascent Car Rentals offers guided tours to Victoria, allowing you to see famous sights and spots. Our terms are private, meaning that you get the comfort of a luxury vehicle and the pleasure of a tour with just your group. Contact us if you have any questions about our tours or renting a car to start your next adventure. 


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