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Vancouver to Banff Road Trip

Vancouver to Banff road trip, Ascent Car Rental

If you want to explore more of beautiful British Columbia and Alberta, there is no better way than by car. A road trip is a great way to see many of the national parks and natural beauty that the West Coast has to offer. If you are looking for a fun, visually stunning road trip to take with friends or family, a Vancouver to Banff road trip itinerary will include something for everyone. From the famous Canadian rocky mountains to Lake Louise, to the views from the sea-to-sky highway, from Vancouver to Banff, there is a lot to see, do, and experience.

Road trip length

In theory, you could drive from Vancouver to Banff in one long day. But you would not have time to stop along the way. Additionally, driving for long hours can be dangerous, especially if you are the only driver. Without stops, it is roughly 11 hours.

Explore the sights year-round

The Trans Canada Highway going from Vancouver to Banff are open year-round, and there are many perks to driving through British Columbia and Alberta during the different seasons. If you are not comfortable driving in the snow, however then be careful if you are considering driving during the winter months. Ascent Car Rental offers cars with winter tires during the colder months.

Enjoy the natural beauty of Canada

Squamish is a great first stop, with plenty to do such as the Sea to Sky Gondola, hiking trails, and mountain biking. Squamish is a haven for anyone who enjoys living in the beautiful outdoors. Squamish is a must-stop for anyone wanting to experience the West Coast. On your way into the city limits, stop by Shannon Falls Provincial Park.

Explore some of Canada’s national historic sites and parks

Check out the Giant Cedar Trail in Mt. Revelstoke National park, and explore through a forest with ancient trees that are hundreds of years old. Closer to Banff, is Glacier National Park. Home of a short, but very steep hike; less than 2km but with a 100 foot drop, Bear Creek Falls is a must see.

Yoho National Park and Banff National Park are actually quite close together. If you are not in a rush, there is also the option to explore Emerald Lake, which is a beautiful spot to stop for pictures, rest, and walk along the trail that circles the edge of the lake.

Banff is less than an hour away from the lake, meaning that your journey is almost at an end.

While in Alberta, enjoy more of the Canadian Rockies and powerful mountain ranges Canada has to offer.

Enjoy a beautiful road trip with your rental car

Ascent Car Rental can pick up your rental car in Calgary from the airport or any hotel. Enjoy a beautiful scenic road trip through BC and Alberta while driving from Vancouver to Banff, without having to drive back.



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