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Vancouver to Kelowna in a Rental Car

Vancouver to Kelowna in a Rental Car

There are many beautiful locations across BC that make for great road trips. A popular destination is The Okanagan. With beautiful scenery, vineyards, and entertainment for all ages, driving to Kelowna during the summer months is a journey many Vancouverites partake in.

Enjoy the journey

While you can fly from YVR to Kelowna, you will miss all the amazing locations and experiences you could get at all the amazing stops along the way. A road trip to Kelowna is worth getting a rental car and driving the 390- 460 km trip.

Driving to Kelowna from Vancouver

The drive to Kelowna from Vancouver takes between 4 to 6 hours, depending on what route you take, as well as the conditions of the roads. Long weekends are typically more busy than a day in the middle of the week, for example, which is to be expected.

Explore the beauty of British Columbia

Of all the routes, the most scenic option for driving to Kelowna is Highway 3, which is known as the Crowsnest Highway. Enjoy beautiful parkland, thick forests, and many family-owned fruit stands where you can stock up on fresh, organic fruit.

Road trip tips

Plan out your stops and locations where you want to spend more time before you go. This way, you can give yourself and your family enough time at the places you want to explore.

Traffic happens, especially when you least expect it or want it. Keeping an eye on the various routes can help you avoid being stuck in an accident.

Have fun! Planning a visit to a new location is exciting. Enjoy your exploration of BC, Canada.

Luxury rental cars with Ascent Car Rentals

Enjoy a luxury driving experience with Ascent Car Rentals. Our fleet of large and compact vehicles, including luxury SUVs, Kia Rios, and Minivans, ensures that no matter the size of your party, Ascent Car Rentals has a vehicle for you with enough space for everyone’s luggage.

Why choose an Ascent Car Rentals rental car

We are conveniently located in Downtown Vancouver and offer rental car services and guided tours. Whether you want to do the driving or be driven by one of our experienced drivers and tour guides, our packaged, private tours and our fleet of vehicles mean that everyone has access to their ultimate trip.

We take care of the details

We know the airport locations to pick up and drop off, so we can meet you at the YVR airport and drop you off. When you rent with Ascent Car Rentals, we ensure that everything you need in a luxury vehicle is accounted for.

Leave your rental car at the Vancouver International Airport

When you leave Kelowna, you don’t have to drive back to Downtown Vancouver to drop off your rental and then find your way to the airport. We pick up our rental cars from the airport, meaning you can simply drop it off and go.

Contact Ascent Car Rental to learn more

If you are interested in learning more about our customizable services, give us a call, or visit our downtown Vancouver location to explore our fleet options. 



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