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Victoria to Tofino: What to See Along the Way

Surfer in Tofino, Victoria to Tofino: What to See Along the Way

Victoria to Tofino: What to See Along the Way

There is a lot to see in B.C., and a long drive is a perfect way to take in the sights. Tofino is roughly a 4 and a half-hour drive from downtown Victoria. With so much to do on your journey, we have picked five destinations to enrich your car ride and maximize your experience. We offer a great fleet of cars to choose from to start you on your mini road trip adventure.

Start your morning in Victoria

As a city, Victoria has a long history, dating back centuries. Traditionally inhabited by Coast Salish peoples for thousands of years, Spanish and British explorers started making contact with the indigenous peoples in the 1790s. In 1843, the Hudson’s Bay Company established Fort Victoria as a fur trading post. Present-day downtown Victoria is where the fort once stood.

Victoria is the city that has the most restaurants per person in Canada and has no shortage of breakfast and brunch spots. Might we suggest you check out Shanzee’s Biscuit Cafe. As a coastal city, Victoria offers many popular attractions on both land and sea. A perfect place that combines the two is Fisherman’s Wharf.

Make a Wish at Fairy Lake

Located roughly two hours away from Victoria, Fairy Lake is a beautiful, unique spot with a lot of character. Fairy Lake is a B.C. Parks Recreation Site, with a campground, and 2 km hiking trail. And of course, a lake.

Fairy Lake is actually a small spot in the San Juan River that is quite wide, and very deep. The water is calm, and full of fish, making it a great place to fish, have a picnic, stretch your legs, and enjoy looking at Fairy Lake’s “bonsai” tree.

The most popular Fairy Lake activity is taking photos of a small fir that is growing out of a sunken Douglas fir, sticking out of a small bay in the corner of the lake. The water is so calm, that on clear days, the reflection of the tree is fully visible on the lake’s surface.

Lunch at Coombs Goats on the Roof

Family-owned since 1973, Goats on the Roof is a fun, Old Country market that has grown from a roadside fruit stand to a landmark destination. With a wide variety of shops and eateries, Goats on the Roof also has goats, on the roof. The roof is made of grass, so the goats are very happy to wander around, pose for photographs, and keep the roof nicely groomed.

With restaurants ranging from fast and casual to table-service, as well as many foods stands serving delicious treats from bakery favourites to comfort food, no one in your car will drive away hungry.

Walk off your meal at Cathedral Grove

A beautiful B.C. provincial park, Cathedral Grove-Macmillan Provincial Park is a preserve filled with old-growth trees that are around 800 years old. Many people liken the sunlight being filtered through the 80-meter-high canopy to light shining through stained glass windows, which is how Cathedral Grove got its name.

Surfs up in Tofino

You’ve reached your final destination. But the fun and natural beauty don’t end just yet. Situated within the traditional territory of the Tla-o-qui-aht First Nation, Tofino is surrounded by breathtaking natural beauty. Filled with old-growth forests, quiet inlets, and expansive beaches, Tofino is a place to be in nature. Want to rent a surfboard and wetsuit and ride the waves, we recommend Pacific Surf School.


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